With only 12 weeks left in 2011, the Kristorm-o-rama project is coming to a close. What songs do you hope will be among the final 12? Send in your request via the comment section. We’ll choose our favorite or favorites depending on your selections. Make ‘em good, listeners!

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  1. libby says:

    knocks me off my feet- stevie wonder

    1. kristin says:

      What a great suggestion! That’s actually our wedding song :)

  2. Casey says:

    I’ve got a couple…..

    “Wave of Mutilation” – The Pixies
    “Add It Up” – Violent Femmes
    “Brass Monkey” – Beastie Boys …lol…

  3. S.P. Gass says:

    I wouldn’t mind hearing an Oak Ridge Boys tune… maybe Elvira or American Made.

    Also, Jimmy Carter by N. Scott hasn’t been recorded in several years…

    I’ll keep thinking…

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  5. S.P. Gass says:

    Drinking of the Wine:

  6. Grace S. Scott says:

    “Good Mornin” from Singing in the Rain – try this youtube link:–WBPBHo

    You don’t have to dance unless you want to! LOL

  7. kristin says:

    Thanks for all of the suggestions so far!! I wanted to include other requests that were posted in various locations so all could be considered:

    Tom Waits and Bette Midler- Never Talk To Strangers.
    Anything by Neko Case, especially off of Blacklisted.
    The way I am by Ingrid Michaelson
    Anything by Greg Brown. Or a Sesame Street classic.
    Patsy Cline – She’s Got You
    Earth Angel
    ‎”Been Caught Stealing” – Jane’s Addiction
    Anything by Beck
    “Trouble” by Over the Rhine
    “Teach me tonight” by Phoebe Snow
    ‎”Sunshine Day” from Brady Bunch
    “Fairytale of New York” by Kristy MacColl and The Pogue
    New York, New York

  8. amanda says:

    halley’s comet

  9. kristin says:

    They Might be Giants- Ana Ng
    Melanie- Lay Down
    David Bowie- Starman or Space Oddity
    Edwin Star- War
    Men without Hats- Safety Dance
    Adam Sandler- Ode to my Car
    Stairway to Freebird
    King Tut

  10. S.P. Gass says:

    Ronnie McDowell – Older Women

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  12. Gloria says:

    “Swimming by Breathe Owl Breathe. It’s new but so totally you.

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