Week Fifty Two: Thank You for the Music

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Who are we kidding? We are way past week 52, but hey, this is our last song so go easy on us. That’s right folks, our last song. Thanks for listening!  We hope you enjoyed yourselves because we sure did. It’s been a hell of a ride!! Stay tuned in 2012 because we are still cooking up a medley to make up for all of the weeks that passed in 2011 without a song of their own. And who knows what else we might have up our sleeves…
- K

Thanks for tuning in! This was a terrific experiment that made us both very happy. And while this particular song-a-week project is over, we’re obviously going to continue to tinker and record. As with any project of this type, we have a healthy handful of works-in-progress that for one reason or another went on the shelf. You never know when something is gonna jump off the shelf and burst into song. And we’ll also be working on our Makeup Medley. And how about some Kristorm originals? Hmmmmm…
- N

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  1. Christine says:

    What a ride guys. Thank you.
    Christine and Odin

    1. kristin says:

      Thank YOU for listening! Especially you, Odin :)

  2. Mommy says:

    It’s been wonderful! I have a suggestion that I think some others have given you. Why don’t you put together a children’s cd, put it out on iTunes and see what happens. Love you guys!!!

    1. kristin says:

      Thanks for being such a loyal supporter! We have big ideas for 2012 so who knows?!? love!

  3. Gloria says:

    CD for kids is a great idea however, one of your 52 songs for adults would be great too. BTW, where is New York, New York????

    1. kristin says:

      Ha! I wish we could’ve done all of the songs on our list AND all of the songs that were requested! There were just too many and this proved to be a far more ambitious project than we had realized. I hope your New York, New York wishes are granted someday.

  4. Jeanette says:

    Who is this Mommy person who is commenting on blogs now?!??!!?

    Your voices sound great on this one! And I love the choice. You’re welcome! You’re welcome! You’re welcome and thank you both as well. :)

  5. Andrea and Ed says:

    Thank you guys, it’s been so fun to listen! You are both so talented and we love you, big hugs to you both!

  6. Traci says:

    Lovely, I am way behind, haven’t been able to listen to you guys. Catchin up now.

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