Week Forty Two: The Bean Bag Rock

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This song is from the album pictured above. One of my former and very gifted colleagues used to play this one in her classroom and it infected my brain!!  I’d regularly come home belting it out and Norm would exclaim, “What IS that song you’re singing!?!” And so it became one of the very first to be added to the song-a-week list-o-rama. The re-imagined ’80s video game inspired composition of this song was created by none other than our very own Norm. I dare you to listen to his song and not shake your bean bag!
-  K

This song was, in fact, the FIRST song on our song-a-week list.  Just a bit of very interesting trivia for you there.
The beepy sine-wave-and-drum-machine style of this song was inspired in part by Bruce Haack, who has been on the brain for the last few weeks ever since I scored one of his albums at the Ithaca Friends of the Library booksale. He was a sort of mad genius who built his own synthesizers and, interestingly, started off collaborating with Miss Nelson on a series of children’s albums.

Our request-o-rama is going well; thanks for your requests so far! We’ve been having fun listening the songs we know and the ones we’ve never heard before. Soon we’ll pick out at least one and perform it for your listening pleasure.
- N

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  1. traci powers says:

    love it! thank you miss ya hope all is well

  2. Gloria says:

    Kristin, Ok I am going to find someway to use this song in one of our kiddo groups. Do you have any idea how I can copy it to a disc for the classroom?? So fun!

    1. kristin says:

      I’ll get Norm to send you the file. I want to start using it too!!

    2. kristin says:

      You can also download it on i-tunes. I keep forgetting about that. I am not very good at marketing my own product, eh? :)

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