Week Twenty Eight: Love is All Around

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Mary is fabulous and so is Paul Williams for writing a theme song that captures the magic of her character in the show. You know every time you see her throw that hat in the air, you’re yelling out, “You ARE gonna make it after all, Mary!!” No, that’s just me? If you haven’t seen this show, “Mary Richards” isn’t the only reason to tune in. Watch as Ted makes fool of himself, Rhoda self deprecates and Murray pines for Mary. There’s something for everyone! My personal favorite is Mr. Grant.  — K

You might have noticed that the energy level around here seems to have dropped as of late.  Things have been nuts here at the Kristorm Complex; along with the normal summer distractions, we are now facing a complete relocation of headquarters in less than a month!!!  This is both exciting and bittersweet, as we will miss our old digs here in the Pacific Northwest.  So what does this mean for Kristorm-O-Rama?  We are still committed to try our best to bring you a song every week.  Until the big move, you can probably expect more karaoke-izing, and kinder, gentler recording.  But we anticipate a great renaissance after we are settled, and have two very exciting projects planned:  Request-O-Rama, and a surprise crowd-sourced song where YOU will be the participants!  But more details on that later.

We’ve also decided that, while we have been regrettably unable to deliver a song every single week this year, we are committing to have 52 songs done by 2010.  For the weeks that have slipped by us, we will be having “make-up” recording sessions, bringing you two or even (gulp!) three songs on some weeks!?  Can you feel it?!

One more thing:  We really like comments!  If you tune in, give us a quick “hell yeah” or whatnot!  — N

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  1. Gloria McDonald says:

    Love your songs so keep them coming. I like two or three a week. Where are you going??? Sarah moved south of Portland to a farm. Jordan’s in GA. Everybody is going somewhere except me. Same place forever….

  2. S.P. Gass says:

    Hi, I think you meant 2012 instead of 2010 above. Where are you moving? Keep the songs coming!

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