Week Twenty Two: Gee, Officer Krupke!

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I loved loved loved West Side Story as a kid. So many lessons to learn. Unstoppable Love. Cultural Sensitivity. Tragic Misunderstandings. Here are a few tidbits that perhaps you were unaware of.  One: Norm played Action in his high school production of West Side Story. Two: Action sang the lead in this song in play, NOT Riff (I know, you’re shocked). Three: For Twin Peaks peeps, Riff is Dr. Jacoby! What?!? (And, of course Tony is Ben Horne, but that’s old news).
What a great day of memories!  Kristin and I started out the day with breakfast in bed, as today is our 3-year wedding anniversary, talking about favorite moments from the early days of Kristorm.  And the song was a real flashback to high school for me.  Twenty years ago (gulp) I played Action in our high school production of West Side Story.  Recording the song got me thinking about all the ol’ choir buddies, especially the Jets. Indeed, when you’re a Jet you’re a Jet all the way.

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  1. Jeanette says:

    Oh the good old days when psychologists were German! :) You guys!!! You’re great at voices. This is great, I have a similar nostalgia for this musical. Thanks for the memories and see you tomorrow–WAH??????? That’s right, tomorrow. :)

  2. S.P. Gass says:

    Happy Anniversary! Seems like just recently we went up to NY for the wedding.

  3. Mom and Dad says:

    ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!! West Side Story was ALWAYS, my favorite, and you two did an amazing job! Great singing, both of you, and great special effects, not to mention production (I thought I told you not to mention production)! Thanks, for the memories, and thanks for the entertainment. We both can’t wait to see “all of our children”, next week in San Fran.

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