Week Twelve: More Than Words

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Middle school dance memories anyone?? Good times.

I couldn’t name another song that Extreme recorded, but this one will forever will hold a place in my awkward preteen boy crazy heart.

For the first time in Kristorm history, we enlisted the help of a real life musician. That’s right people, no MIDI here. What sounds like a guitar truly IS a guitar played by the very talented Bryan Guerena! Although he had never heard the song (What?!?), he agreed to learn and record this song for us on a lazy Sunday morning in March. Thanks Bryan!

Yes, thanks Bryan! This was a fun recording session. – Unlike Kristin, I was actually a fan of Extreme, if you can believe it. And it came out around my senior year of high school, so I don’t know what Kristin means about all this middle school nonsense… but you know how kids are.

Week 13 Teaser: You don’t know this song…at all

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  1. beth says:

    LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL! I was just thinking about this song the other day!!!! The thing is, it’s kinda good, no? I mean I wouldn’t listen to the original version (sorry, Norm), but I’d listen to your version for sure.

    Nice work! Brings me right back to………. high school. (But I was in 8th grade, which in my district was in the HS, but for most people was middle school, so you’re both right.)

    1. Kristin says:

      Middle school or high school, we will all be humming this tune forever! (or as my 1991 self might say, 4 eva!)

  2. David says:

    Great job guys! I’ve always liked Extreme (Nuno Bettencourt FTW!) but I’ve never understood why women think this is such a sweet romantic song. If you do, okie dokie, I’m not going to ruin it for you.

    1. Kristin says:

      Yes, it’s a good point. I hadn’t thought about it much as a kid, but as an adult it does make me a tad uncomfortable. My young self continues to be too innocent to notice.

      1. Angela says:

        So after reading this post I re-listened to this song. Hoo-boy. Not so sweet after all.

        1. David says:


  3. Andrea says:

    LOVE IT!!! I am going to play it and make Ed slow dance with me, yay!!!

  4. Angela says:

    I looooove the part where Kristin says, “don’t eeeh-vaah let me go!”

  5. jeanette says:

    HA! You guys totally made this song! It actually becomes a pretty good song when you do it. I didn’t know it was possible. high five–and thanks. :)

    And I am suspicious of this Bryan.

    1. kristin says:

      Suspicious…like you think we made him up? Now wouldn’t that be interesting…

  6. Kriya Lendzion says:

    omg – I remember you doing this one with Scott in UWP!! I think of you 2 every time I hear this. Sooo glad you found a life partner to replace him with :)

    1. norm says:

      Yes, this was one of the Zulauf-Scott “PR Sendoffs”. I wish I could remember what the lyrics were or who it was about. Anyway, Scott is irreplaceable, but Kristin is a great partner nevertheless. :)

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