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The End Of The World: As We Know It (Episode 4)

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The End Of The World: As We Know It

The End Of The World: As We Know It - Episode 4

The final episode of The End of the World has undeniably pushed the envelope, jumped the shark, and run screaming down the streets of the New Culture of Today. Let us now get down to the real root of things with a few old friends; my brother, sister-in-law, and 4-year-old nephew. We'll talk, in depth, about the more disturbing aspects of Armageddon; volcanoes, hurricanes, and the rapid approaching of Unknown Things. But we'll all learn a little something about ourselves, as we discuss the metamorphosis of child, man, the Child Family, and the Family of Man. Literal and metaphorical metamorphosis. Metaphorphosis. Yes.

"The End of the World: As We Know It" is the companion discussion show to "The End of The World", in which I (modern day version) bring together great minds to examine the deeper meaning and symbolism of it all, and speculate upon what might happen next.

Our special guests for this episode are Hugh Scott (Brother), Susannah Wood (Sister-In-Law), and Jasper (Nephew). Special guest appearance by Bea (Niece).

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