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Meet Hugh

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The Hugh Scott Show - CLICK and LISTEN

I have always taken an almost over-serious approach to my tape recording. The sheer joy of tape recording was often overshadowed by technical issues, like making sure that the little needle wasn't going into the red part, keeping people from holding the mic too close to their mouths (still a constant problem), and trying to prevent the narrative from getting sidetracked by too many silly noises. This is a lot for an eight year old to think about.

Thank goodness my brother Hugh came along. He was, and continues to be, very silly, indeed. When things got too heavy, he could always be counted on for a made-up-word, absurdist "routine", or perhaps a ridiculous He-Man adventure. And, by the mid-80's, a signature form of beatboxing. Until then, though, he mainly appeared as a "guest" on classic programs like the aptly named "Norman Scott Show".

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Written by normscott

April 28th, 2010 at 8:21 pm

My Name Is Mr. T

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My Name Is Mr. T - click & listen

It was the 1980's.

It's hard to say why my brother Hugh and I were so obsessed with Mr. T. I think it was just because everyone was obsessed with Mr. T. Aren't you?

I was equally obsessed with Rockwell's hit single "Somebody's Watching Me". So, when Motown released this seminal track on a 45RPM record, with the instrumental version on the B-side, it was clear that Rockwell and Mr. T. were ripe for the spoofing.

(Lyrics and lead vocals by Norm, backing vocals provided by Hugh)

Is Mr. T, indeed, the IRS?

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Written by normscott

April 21st, 2010 at 7:51 pm

Silly Noises Count as Jokes

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Norman's Jokes (excerpt) - Summer 1978

The first recordings I made all by myself were in the summer of 1978.  My dad was installing a suspended ceiling in his office, and took me along.  Apparently it was not as exciting as I'd hoped.  To prevent an onslaught of unanswerable questions and general pestering, my dad showed me how to operate his tape recorder, and let me have at it.  This was how I entertained myself for the next several hours. 

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Written by normscott

April 16th, 2010 at 6:27 pm

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